Chopsticks Simply Put

It has been a while since I have updated this page.  This is a simple attempt at a new beginning.  I returned to China in the middle of July.  In some ways it was a little early but still was very timely.

Below are some pictures of the students I am teaching.  I will add depth as the year progresses and introduce you to them.  I am overjoyed to be teaching these students.  I find that God uses them greatly in my life to teach me many things.  If you have any questions please send me an e-mail at question(at)  I look forward to hearing from you.

The kids and staff from the little CP classroom

Everyone gets into it in the music class

Du Qiang is wearing his sweats for a good workout on the rack

Me teaching the kids in the big cp class

Texture and color are extremely important when teaching these children..above Mark is learning the flags of the major countries...while at the same time reviewing colors and practicing how to control his fingers well enough to point.

Students who cannot speak begin to learn to communicate by using these storyboards.

The students and I have something in common..we all think writing Chinese is very, very difficult!

The vocational training class is for the mentally disabled students.

A student pays close attention as her teacher shows her how to do a new craft.

The students relax on their monthly trip to a local park and fly kites..I have often wondered where the expression "go fly a kite" came from.  It is so relaxing.

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